HWYCA is a membership association, led by trustees and run by professional staff. The trustees have identified four goals which they are working towards:

Providing excellent youth provision accessible to young people across Haxby, Wigginton and York, regardless of their background and financial means.

Tackling adult social isolation in Haxby & Wigginton through events, facilities and services that bring people together.

On behalf of the local community, to run a popular and thriving community centre with a variety of activities which in their own ways support Haxby & Wigginton.

To act as a financially secure charity with valued volunteers and members which will continue to thrive in the years ahead.


Our aim is to support and provide a safe space for the people of Haxby, Wigginton and York, inclusive of age, sexual orientation, race, or political, religious or other opinions.

We seek to advance the education and participation of our members, by providing activities and facilities in the interest of social welfare and for recreational occupation. We do this by actively working with the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations and believe that this will help maintain our strong ethos, by bringing together all ages of our community.

We maintain and manage Oaken Grove Community Centre in order to further of these objectives.